Services & Consulting

A Commitment to Excellence

Knowledge and experience are only valuable when your provider brings a commitment to service excellence. Our team of experts is committed to helping clients’ legal and compliance teams solve challenges that arise at all stages of the data life cycle – from information governance and records management, to eDiscovery and litigation management, to document review services.

Discovery Consulting

Avoid the spiraling cost and increased complexity of discovery. Our strategic advice and resources help organizations manage discovery challenges. We ease organizations’ burdens associated with discovery by helping to reduce litigation costs while giving the legal team a distinct competitive advantage in each matter.

We provide services that address every phase of eDiscovery — collection through production — and experienced project managers to oversee all of these activities.

Data Collections

After consulting with the client to identify the location, format and volume of potentially responsive data, we then work to construct the most cost-effective collection strategy possible. We are always available to advise on any data privacy concerns that may arise.

RDT uses a vendor-agnostic approach to collections, combining well-established collection methodologies with a flexible set of tools and procedures. This allows our team to customize our response to any situation.

Forensic Collection/Consulting

There are two goals of any collections effort: to extract the data quickly in a defensible manner and to do so in a way that streamlines processing and review efficiencies later. Although many excel at the first goal, they can struggle with the second, as downstream implications from collections can be overlooked or misunderstood. RDT’s Forensic Consulting service help you achieve both outcomes, with a client-centered, flexible approach that utilizes well-established collection methodologies.

Data Processing

Our Data Processing service is designed for corporations and law firms that require fast, accurate and complete metadata extraction, culling and deduplication. We have the tools and best practices to process even the most complex data set. We use best-of-breed technology, augmented by our own innovative processes, to ingest an array of nontraditional data types. Our data processing service is designed to facilitate an efficient review by honing in on files most likely to be relevant.

Secure Data Hosting

An organization’s data is its most valuable, sensitive and potentially vulnerable asset. When a legal case calls for data to be recovered, clients naturally have concerns and questions about allowing an outsider access to that data: where will their data be stored and how? Data security is a primary concern of RDT, that’s why we go beyond the basics of the ISO 27001 certification: our data centers regularly pass third-party security and penetration audits required by the most demanding clients.