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ONE Discovery’s unified eDiscovery software suite was architected from the ground up with extreme performance and usability in mind. Flexible, scalable and capable, ONE Discovery is the only solution on the market built by eDiscovery professionals for eDiscovery professionals.


Developed around our patented, core technology, the processing capabilities of Relevant Data Technologies normalize ESI for review in a fraction of the time required by competing solutions available today. Inherently flexible, scalable and easy to use, the Relevant Data Technologies processing engine is designed to deliver extreme performance to any service bureau, law firm or corporation – regardless of security, compliance or cultural needs. From smart data storage protocols and automated workflows to real-time resource management, everything about the tool is purpose-built to help you do more, faster.


  • Single Instance Storage

  • Real-Time Resource Management

  • Scalability

  • Workflow Automation


Relevant Data Technologies document review and production solution was crafted with a relentless focus on streamlined, efficient user experience. Built by eDiscovery professionals for  professionals, our review module encompasses the best in modern features and underlying technology, designed specifically for ease of use and maximum productivity. From flexible workflows and advanced analytics to advanced functionality like technology-assisted review, Relevant Data Technologies review has everything you need, presented in a way that’s actually usable.


  • Ease of Use

  • Review Workflow Management

  • Early Case Assessment

  • Production Management


Relevant Data Technologies lets managers handle every element of a project – processing, review and production – from within a single, intuitive dashboard. From applying security permissions through user management to system resource management, administrators are given complete control without having to log in to extraneous modules. Simplifying the way a project is managed provides realized gains through increased efficiency and productivity, ultimately resulting in a significant decrease in the total cost of ownership.


  • Management Dashboard

  • User Management

  • Scalability

  • Environment Management

Take Control of Your Transcripts

ONE Discovery’s trial preparation and transcript management solution allows legal teams to easily share and review their video depositions, prepare designations for trial, and streamline the designation exchange process with opposing counsel.
Review teams enjoy fast, reliable streaming of synchronized video depositions over the web – available anywhere, any time. This eliminates the burden of sharing and transferring video files to co-counsel and experts for review; it’s all available in a secure virtual private cloud, improving collaboration and boosting overall productivity.