Our Solution

Finding What Matters...

Learning what matters most to our clients, and finding the relevant data is what we do best. For nearly 20 years, our team has led the legal discovery industry, empowering clients with the right balance of service and technology. Our detailed & matter specific processes place you in control of your data, delivering data intelligence. Relevant Data's solutions help our clients to efficiently secure and analyze sensitive information, ultimately helping to lower the cost of legal discovery.

Data & Discovery Consulting

Avoid the spiraling cost and increased complexity of discovery. RDT's strategic advice and resources help organizations manage discovery challenges. We ease organizations’ burdens associated with discovery by reducing litigation costs and providing the legal team a distinct competitive advantage in each matter. Optimizing the right technology to reduce both time and cost without sacrifice.

Data Collection

An effective process for data collection is key to building credibility for your organization’s case. Our team of collection experts gather, and map all relevant data for each individual matter. We cover all the bases while maintaining a client-centric approach from start to finish. We liaise between legal counsel and the IT staff to comply with all agreed-upon collection methods. Every step of the way, our practices and protocols maintain chain of custody, preserve metadata and mitigate risks.

Data Processing

Processing is more than simply creating a “load file” for your review database. Processing is a vital step after a defensible collection. Our Data Processing service is designed for fast, accurate and complete data extraction, culling and deduplication. We use best-of-breed technology, augmented by our own innovative process, and supported by our consultative project management team. Effective data processing is crucial as it stream-lines workflow and can significantly reduce costs.