What Makes Us Different

Experience How We Make Better Possible

At Relevant Data Technologies (RDT), we specialize in guiding our clients through their eDiscovery and Data Management problems. We understand data and create customized workflows that specifically address our client's unique concerns related to Litigation, Government or Internal Investigation, and General Business Data Management & Security issues.

The "TECH" Effect

The proper utilization of technology is a critical key to success. We help our clients to understand their data landscape, and how to deploy technolgy solutions to give them enhanced power & control over their data and information management.

In Due Process

We protect our clients by providing well established processes for managing data in regard to active litigation. Our process aligns with the courts demands, but more importantly, it places our clients in an advantageous position with greater influence and authority over their data options.

Data Collections

We know that identifying and properly preserving data can be a daunting task. We take the time to guide our clients every step of the way. Whether your goal is to self-collect, or outsource the entire process, we can help you to create an efficient and well documented collection; all as a client service.

Technology Bridge

Technology Sale! Not really, but the use of technology can save you on the ediscovery dollars you spend. Effective use of technology is a growing necessity for large data review. Let us be your guide of technology options. We will ultimatlry help to assist you in finding the perfect way to utilize technology in a process that fits you best.

CLE Presentations

If you are reading this, you probably need CLE credits before the March 31st deadline. We can present a series of CLEs at your office for Professional or Ethics credit. The CLE content is very educational, and covers ediscovery basics, the Rules and recent changes, TAR, case law, forensics, etc... Contact us to schedule a presentation.

Relativity with BrainSpace

Relativity is by no doubt the industry leading review tool. However, email threading, and other low-tech options are only available by paying for the full Predictive Coding capabilities, increasing the cost of the review. BrainSpace is an application that works alongside of Relativity, and provides email threading, clustering, concept search, and more. We offer BrainSpace at no additional cost to our clients. This is a great benefit to our clients that want to use advanced tools, without the full Predictive Coding workflow.

Our Two Cents is Free!

Have you heard us mention Client Service? Well, that is because it is a pillar of our company. We strive to be your trusted data consultants, providing you with industry expertise, and accurate guidance. We value our partnerships, and consider our advice a valuable client service; a service provided to our clients at no charge.


We love questions. Do you have a difficult data problem? Consider us your phone a friend. Helping our clients manage difficult problems is where we add our worth. It may just be a conversation for some, but for us, it is a way to build a partnering relationship.